Our nearly 200 IRB members that serve on our AAHRPP-accredited boards meet more than 20 times per week to review thousands of protocols each year.

Our board members represent a diverse array of scientific and public health backgrounds, to fulfill the evolving challenges of increasingly complex protocols that advance research.

We support the review of all phases and types of research, including:

  • Drug
  • Device
  • Biologics
  • Social/Behavioral

Thoughtful Review; Efficient Process.



per week

WCG IRB holds at least 20 full-board meetings each week.



business days

Review for minimal risk research, amendments, and addition of new sites.



business day

Review for a new site in a multisite study.

Expert Clinical Advisory Network

WCG IRB maintains a large pool of consultants from diverse medical and scientific specialties who are available to assist WCG’s board members when their expertise is needed. These consultants are highly knowledgeable in specific therapeutic areas such as rare diseases, genetic counseling, and quality of life in cancer care. The combination of these experts and WCG IRB’s experienced board members ensures that all essential issues are considered to protect the rights and welfare of research participants when board determinations are made.

Specialized Advisory Boards

Our specialized advisory boards provide strategic insights and guidance in growing, promising medical research fields.

WCG Gene Therapy Advisory Board

Human gene therapy is one of the fastest growing and most promising areas of medical research. The WCG Gene Therapy Advisory Board is made up of experts with specialized knowledge of the commercial development, regulatory oversight, and clinical application of products involving recombinant nucleic acids.

WCG Oncology Board

The WCG Oncology Advisory Board provides specialized expertise, guidance, and strategic counsel to help ensure the highest level of protection for research participants while accelerating cancer research.

International Research Support

Research Conducted in Canada

Our Canadian Board — located in Vancouver, British Columbia — provides comprehensive IRB review services for clinical studies conducted in Canada.

In compliance with Canadian regulations, a majority of IRB members on our Canadian board are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Their reviews are conducted in accordance with Division 5 regulations of Health Canada, the Tri-Council Policy Statement, International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) Guidance for Industry – E6 Good Clinical Practice: Consolidated Guideline, and U.S. CFR Title 21 Parts 50 and 56 and CFR Title 45 Part 46.

Research Conducted Globally

For research conducted outside North America, WCG IRB is happy to provide US review in conjunction with a local IRB when required for funding or regulatory reasons. Other cases can be considered on an individual basis.

We do not provide IRB review of research in other countries where there is not a local IRB. This includes research for which it is unclear if local regulations require IRB review, such as stem cell research, device research, tissue collection studies, and questionnaires and surveys. 

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