It is our priority to ensure that you—the investigators at research sites—feel confident that your research is reviewed by the most scientifically-knowledgeable cohort of IRB members in the world. That’s why our Board members continuously seek advanced training and why we continue to innovate our review processes.

Our extensive reach allows us to provide highly specialized review services, reduce administrative burdens, and create solutions that empower and advance science for all investigators and research sites.

Resources for Investigators

Guide for Researchers

Important information about study site submissions, informed consent, promptly reportable information, and much more to help investigators adhere to the highest standards of human research protection.

GCP Regulations and Guidance

Overview of regulatory documents, guidances, and information to help you conduct safe, effective, and compliant clinical trials.

Ask the IRB Experts

Our Ask the IRB Experts forum lets you submit ethical and regulatory questions to our experts, and also review questions and answers from other investigators, sponsors, and CROs.