WCG IRB set the gold standard for IRB submission and review portals when we launched Connexus. The revolutionary submission portal – purpose built from the ground up – ensures the highest ethical standards while improving transparency, security, and efficiency.

We are excited to announce the latest update to Connexus – Version 5.5 – which incorporates many of our most requested feature enhancements. These include:

  • Overall improvements to performance and security.
  • Clearer study outcome documents and submission outcome documents, which include PI information.
  • Clearer, more comprehensive forms.

Want to learn how Connexus can reduce your submission times by up to 50%?

Reports Updates

Study Outcome Documents and Submission Outcome Documents export files now contain PI names and list all PI documents, making it much easier to see which PI owns which documents.

Exporting Outcome Documents Updates

Previously if you wanted to export outcome docs for a specific PI, you would need to navigate to each site individually to export the data. The system now allows you to export outcome documents for a specific PI at the study level

Display of Document File Names

The PI name is now prepended to CCRF and Closure Notice document titles, making it easier to identify site-level documents from the study outcome documents grid.

Exporting Workspaces Grid

The user workspaces grid is now exportable as an Excel file.

Form Updates

Many of the most-used forms have been updated to add clarity to what is needed for the IRB Review Board. These updated forms include:

  • IRB Oversite Study Info Country Form
  • Site Closure Form
  • Subject Payment for Study Article Form
  • Initial Review Form
  • Change in Research Form
  • Protocol Information and Protocol Information Site Forms
  • Research Personnel Form
  • PI Information Multiple Sites Form
  • Populations & Transfers Form
  • PI Information Form
  • PI Transfer Form
  • Consent Form
  • Federal Funding Form
  • Billing Information
  • Research/Research Location, Research Team Information Form
  • Institutional Services Form
  • Multi Site Studies Central IRB Form
  • Confidentiality Form

These updates are designed to enhance your experience when making submissions through Connexus and increase overall efficiency, ultimately speeding up the process of preparing your documents for IRB review.