When the leaders in developing COVID-19 interventions chose an IRB, they chose WCG.

From the day the pandemic hit, WCG IRB was there helping its research partners lead the way in expert perspectives, set the pace for new best practices, and support the industry at every point in the journey.


Reduce Your Submission Time by 50% with WCG IRB Connexus.

WCG IRB Connexus is a revolutionary submission portal built from the ground-up based on feedback from our clients. The result? Ease of use, speed of submission times by 50%, and complete visibility into the status and timelines of IRB reviews – all in one place.

Thoughtful Review; Efficient Process.



per week

WCG IRB holds at least 20 full-board meetings each week.



business days

Review for minimal risk research, amendments, and addition of new sites.



business day

Review for a new site in a multisite study.

Committed to Excellence.

We were the first independent IRB to receive AAHRPP accreditation and currently hold an ISO 9001 certification for our dedication to quality management. Everything we do is rooted in our ongoing commitment to exceptional service, uncompromising integrity, unmatched industry expertise, and tireless innovation.

Proud to Be Your Research Partner.

Sponsors & CROs

In clinical research, it’s critical to balance business obligations with regulatory compliance. We can help by increasing efficiency while ensuring the highest ethical standards.


We partner with more than 3,300 institutions — ranging from small research sites to large academic medical centers and universities — to advance science while ensuring that progress never outweighs the rights and welfare of human research participants.


We offer investigators two important benefits: 1) a streamlined submission and review process, and 2) confidence that their research is reviewed by the most knowledgeable, experienced IRB members in the world.

“I am very pleased with the services received… reviews are robust, turnarounds are efficient, observations are astute, and evidence of your knowledge of the regulatory environment is palpable. I am proud of your work and recommend you highly.”

Trauma Research Manager at Level I Trauma Hospital

Expect the Very Best.

When you work with us, you get the elevated IRB experience you need from a partner you can trust. With more than 50 years of industry experience and a global reach with the world’s largest IRB and IBC network, WCG IRB is proud to serve its clients with the highest ethical standards and world class service.